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Are the first 30 minutes of your day spent going through email? How much time does your business waste on spam? Around 80% of all emails sent today are classed as spam and if you spend just 5 minutes a day going through and deleting unwanted messages, that equates to just less than 22 hours, or 3 days per year spent tackling spam. For a business with just 10 users, that's a full month of time.....just deleting unwanted email!

Along with spam there is also the threat of viruses, trojans and other unwanted nasties gaining access to your network through email. For a simple, cost-effective way to remove all of the worries, Hallidays Spam Filter is your perfect solution.

Key Features

Hallidays IT - Point of Sale Software Anti-Spam - Our award winning anti-spam engine captures +99% of all spam email that is directed into your business, saving you from the morning mire. This will also keep your company safe from users getting baited by phishing emails.
Hallidays IT - Providing the best hardware at excellent prices Anti-Virus - Our award winning anti-virus scanning removes email nasties before they can reach your network protecting your users and computer system from malicious attacks. This protects your company from receiving any malware from emails as our anti-virus will scan every email to check for anything that it recognizes as a threat and remove it before it gets to your computer.
Hallidays IT - Easy as 1, 2, 3 Email Digest - Receive a daily report on your protection status so you can see exactly how much is being stopped, when and why. This will help you in the unlikely event that a malicious email does get through to your inbox, you will use the experience from looking at the daily reports to identify the threat and delete it.
Hallidays IT - Whitelist and Blacklist Whitelist & Blacklist - Customisable per person rules to allow and deny emails from certain senders, reducing false positives and false negatives. If you notice that a large amount of spam emails are getting past your spam filter, you can manually blacklist the sender of these emails and they will get blocked before landing in your inbox.
Hallidays IT - Keeping track of your business is easier than ever Web Login - Login to your own web portal to manage your spam and track emails coming in and going out. Combine this with our archive feature and you can instantly deliver the messages you need.

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