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Hallidays IT - Integrate you IT with your POS and with your Accounts
Data is the life blood of business and its safety can be the difference between success and failure. Secure offsite online data backup is a fundamental requirement in any comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Our online backup system provides the perfect foil for your data headaches, ensuring that when the inevitable happens, your data is available at the drop of a hat. Our online backup software is fully automated and runs to a schedule you decide, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Key Features

Hallidays IT - VDI desktops Full Automation - Our online backup system runs to the schedule you set and emails us once the job is complete. The report includes detailed information about the backup job including the number and size of files backed up. You will not have to waste any time manually backing up your documents and it eliminates the risk of missing any documents when backing up. Just select the folder you need to backup and set how often you want it to backup.
Hallidays IT - Providing the best hardware at excellent prices Online Backup - Your data is transferred over the internet using the HTTPS protocol utilising SSL technology to ensure the safety of your data during transit. You don't have to worry about your data being intercepted during the backup process, you can trust that we will recieve your data safely.
Hallidays IT - Easy as 1, 2, 3 Secure Storage - Once your backup job starts your data is transferred to one of two secure UK data centres, keeping your most critical information away from prying eyes.
Hallidays IT - Integrate you IT with your POS and with your Accounts Military Grade Encryption - In addition to being transferred via an SSL link, your data is first encrypted using 256-bit military grade encryption - your security is our priority. In the unlikly even that your data is ever intercepted, they would never retrieve anything of value as they would not be able to view any of your data.
Hallidays IT - Keeping track of your business is easier than ever 24 x 7 Management - Our support engineers constantly monitor your online backup system to ensure it is working correctly. Any issues are proactively resolved, ensuring your business is always protected. If there is ever a problem with your data backup, we will know about it and work quickly resolve it.


obm.company titleLogo Download our combined package for Microsoft Windows. This package contains the installs for both OBM (for Servers) and also the ACB (for Laptops and desktop computers).
obm.company titleLogo Download our OBM package for Mac OS. obm.company titleLogo Download our ACB package for Mac OS.
obm.company titleLogo Download our OBM package for Linux. This package contains only the install for OBM.
These downloads offer a fully functional 14 day FREE trial with a massive 10gig of storage.

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