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Hallidays IT - Integrate you IT with your POS and with your Accounts
Is your business required to keep all client correspondence? Did you know that your email communication is included in these requirements? Do you have a system that allows you to keep a copy of all inbound and outbound email? Hallidays Email Archive allows you to keep emails short term or long term, from a single year to ten. With immediate email recovery for both internal and external emails, stay compliant for just a small monthly fee.

Key Features:

Hallidays IT - Point of Sale Software Unlimited Storage - Store your email forever without limits. Our packages in GB storage mean you can store your email forever, just purchase more space and watch your archive grow. This is ideal for those companies that are required to keep all email conversations that they have with their client so that they don't lose any information.
Hallidays IT - Providing the best hardware at excellent prices Configured for you - Whether they are going in or out, being sent internally or externally, we can configure your archiving service to capture everything, or just the emails you want to see. This is a great way to keep the emails that you need and forget the emails that are not important.
Hallidays IT - Easy as 1, 2, 3 Instant Recovery - You can instantly restore any email that has gone through the system in case of accidental or even malicious deletion.
Hallidays IT - Integrate you IT with your POS and with your Accounts 4 Layer Filtering - Combined with our multi layered filtering, it's easy to ensure you are not archiving the 80% of emails that spammers send. This will free up the storage space you are using for just the emails that you want to keep.

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