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Hallidays IT - 24/7 monitoring to ensure you are always productive
Our 24/7 server and desktop monitoring service gives you complete peace of mind that your networked computers and users are protected at all times. Our remote agent sits on the devices you specify and reports back to our IT team with any health issues that could potentially cause issues, ensuring that we deal with any problems proactively, before they can cause you any serious problems and downtime, leaving you and your team free to focus on what you do best.

Key Features:

Hallidays IT - Keeping you productive Non intrusive software - our remote monitoring software installs on your PC and uses very little resource. This ensures we can monitor your devices without any detrimental impact on the speed or reliability of your computers.
Hallidays IT - Fully customisable solutions Scale up, scale down - Our 24/7 monitoring can be installed on almost any computer. With monthly usage reporting you can scale up and down as much as you like without any lengthy contract. You can choose to monitor your end user computers, servers or both - our service fits in perfectly with whatever you need.
Hallidays IT - Customise your service Checks as needed - Our monitoring service has over 200 individual, fully customisable checks that you can choose to have on or off. Check scheduling allows you to configure real time, hourly and daily scanning giving you complete control.
Hallidays IT - See what we see with your own login Web login - Our fully accessible customer side portal gives you transparent access to the service meaning you can see what we see. Our engineers follow up all alerts and then make notes when needed that you can review. Our performance overview allows you to see how your monitored devices are working and where improvements could be made.
Hallidays IT - Set costs keep you in control of spend Control your spend - As our checks are set at a monthly cost per device per month starting at just £1.25 you can control your budget on a monthly basis. There is no minimum term meaning if you want to monitor one month but not the next, you can budget as appropriate without being tied-in.

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